NCSOFT Game Launcher

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  • React
  • SCSS
  • Webpack
  • Node
  • AWS
  • Twitch API



The NC Launcher is a Windows application that acts as a universal game launcher for all NCSOFT titles. It was used for launching, updating, and downloading our games, but also had relevant news content for each game. The content section was my responsibility to architect and build while collaborating with other teams and stakeholders.

The content section had a variety of content types: news articles from our custom CMS, Youtube videos, Twitter posts, Twitch streams, and custom content types. These were all React components with shared inner-components and functionality, all dictated by the content data.

The launcher mode for Blade and Soul

[ The launcher mode for Blade and Soul ]

Part of this project was giving content creators a custom tool to create, manage, and publish this content. This is why I also built the Launcher Tool: a large-scale specialized CMS for the launcher. With this, content managers could easily create different versions of the launcher content and schedule them for publishing.