Aion Legions of War

[ do scoll ]


  • React
  • SCSS
  • Webpack
  • Node
  • Storybook
  • AWS


I built this marketing site for NCSOFT's first mobile game title in the U.S. The site serves to promote the game, but also inform potential players on game characters, features and storyline.

This project is a static site built using React and React Router 4. Many of the components were custom built and added to our reusable react component library that I architected and built as well. One of these components, the web comics view, was its own reusable npm package. This ties into a custom universal web app that acts as a CMS for the web comics content. I built the web comics CMS with react, but also AWS serverless technology. Mainly, the entire backend of the CMS is run with lambda functions, API Gateway, CloudWatch events, and DynamoDB.

The web comics content is then published from the custom CMS and the web comics react component fetches it. Since the CMS handle multiple webcomics, all you need to do is tell the react component which comic to fetch. We plan on adding web comics for other game marketing sites so making this reusable was essential.